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Hampster Dance - The Hampsters are in the House! Get down and boogie with America's New Dance Craze!
Hotwired Animation Express - Online animated offbeat cartoons.
Dot Comix - Online animated offbeat cartoons.
The Dialectizer - Convert English text to...well, you'll see.
Amused - Exploring the Internet to bring you the Ultimate Guide to Wasting Time.
Daily100 - Try to identify lines from movies of the 1980s. Cumulative scores will be kept and winners will be posted at the end of each two-week period.
Pythonline - Official Monty Python site. Includes spam, of course.
The Traffic Cone Preservation Society Web Site - Until the late 20th century, traffic cones were not thought worthy of scientific study. It is the Society's mission to counteract these centuries of neglect.
Where's George? - Track and locate U.S. dollar bills across the country. Enter the serial number and a zip code to find out where your dollar bill has been.
Terra Server - Repository of aerial photographs and satellite images taken from miles overhead that you can view online or purchase.


Modern Masterworks - Modern Masterworks was developed to give people the knowledge and insight, so that they can more fully appreciate the art of the 20th century.
Smithsonian Institute - Art and education.
Museum Of Modern Art - Web site for the Museum of Modern Art.
Van Gogh Gallery - Everything you need to know about Van Gogh.
Through the Eyes of a Child - Kids on the loose with cameras....
America Quilts - Explores the rich history, art and stories of American Quilt making.


Federal Consumer Information Center - Full text versions of hundreds of federal consumer publications.
Pro2Net Accounting - Personalized and practical guide to saving, investing, borrowing and spending, designed for anyone who wants to take control of her financial life.
Invest Info - Short interest on NASDAQ stocks.
Money Minded - Personalized and practical guide to saving, investing, borrowing and spending, designed for anyone who wants to take control of her financial life.
Quicken - Covering stocks, mutual funds, insurance, taxes, and financing.
Morningstar - Providers of mutual fund news and analysis, guides to fund families, stock quotes, and general market news.
Workingstiff - About the trials and tribulations of working life.
Paywatch - Describing the problems of runaway CEO pay, listing of top overpaid executives, and what you can do about the problem.


Allcam - Webcam community providing the place to see and be seen on the web.
Bell-Labs - Type a phrase, choose a voice and listen.
How Microprocessors Work - Interactive site is based on a real-life exhibit installed in the Intel Museum.
Girl Geeks - A series of nationwide media events exploring the past, present, and future roles of women in computing.
Obsolete Computer Museum - Collection of old computers, lotsa 8-bits. Also has links to resources for some of the systems.


College Board - National association of schools and colleges offering services and programs in the areas of assessment, guidance, admission, placement, financial aid, curriculum, and research
Learning Network - Free news and education resource for teachers, their students and parents. Includes lesson plans, vocabulary and geography builders, News Quiz, On this Day in History, and forums.
finaid - Comprehensive free resource for student financial aid information on the Web. Free scholarship search, financial aid calculators, glossary, and bibliography.
Holocaust Survivors - Learn about the stories of WWII holocaust survivors.
Hurricanes - Introduction to hurricanes and their associated features, where they develop, and under what conditions.


You Are What You Eat - Interactive guide to nutrition which includes customized nutritional information and a database of foods for planning a healthy lifestyle.
Dr Koop - Provides health and medical information, including personalized news.
Healthology - Provides health and medical information, written by professionals for consumers, and offers interactive online events.
Mayo Health - The online site for the Mayo Clinic.
WebMD - Information and resources for the whole family.

RECREATION AND SPORTS - The oldest and largest RV portal site on the internet. - was designed for the boating enthusiast.
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages - Packed with valuable information of interest to outdoor recreationists and active travelers.
Sportsline - Stories, scores and standings for football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, and auto racing.
ESPN - The Internet's most popular sports site offers baseball news, scores, team profiles, chat, injury reports, and polls.
NFL- Official Web site of the National Football League.
Online Sports - Online catalog of sports products and services. Logo

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