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Email Transition Resources

We understand that the upcoming shutdown of our services may present some challenges, especially if you've been a long time customer. We're sharing useful information to help you transition to a different email provider.

Please start working on these steps immediately to avoid problems. Some of them may take a while, and you want to make sure that your family, friends, and others you interact with know how to get in touch with you at your new address.

Follow these steps to transition to a new email address:

1. Get a new address
If you don't already have a non-MFI email address, you'll need one. There are many good free email providers out there. Here's a short list of a few of our favorites. All of these companies give you a free mailbox with no requirement to upgrade to a paid subscription:

  • Outlook: provides a modern web interface and 15GB of email storage for free. Supports all popular mail clients. To get started, click the Create free account button.
  • Gmail: offers 15GB of free email storage with a lightweight web interface. Supports all popular mail clients. To get started, click the Create an account button.
  • Protonmail: offers 500MB of free secure email storage. Additional storage is available at very reasonable rates. Proton's web interface or other apps to access your account, but offers fully encrypted email storage. To get started, click the Sign Up button and choose the free plan.
2. Update your online accounts
Log into any online financial accounts, water/power/tv utilities, etc and update the email address in your account profile or settings to ensure that you keep receiving statements, bills, and announcements to your new mailbox. This is very important, especially if you're receiving electronic bills and payment receipts, and should be tackled as soon as possible. If you can not change your email address online, contact that account provider. Explain the situation and ask them for guidance.
3. Notify friends and family
Go through your recent mail to see who has been sending to you. Send them a short email letting them know what's happening, and that they should start using your new address right away.
4. Update mailing lists.
If you receive periodic emails from a mailing list or other source of information, be sure to subscribe to these services with your new email address. If you've been a member for a long time or are an active participant and/or moderator, be sure to contact the mailing list operator to have them update the email address for your subscription.
5. Set up an auto-responder.
MFI's email system has the ability to send an automated response to anybody who sends you mail. You can personalize the message and ask senders to start using your new email address immediately. You'll find more detailed instructions to set up your auto-responder here: How to set up email auto-responder.
6. Remind senders about your new address.
During the last few weeks that your address is available, be sure to respond to your MFI email to remind senders to start using your new email address as soon as possible.


Do you have other questions about the transition? Please visit our frequently asked questions page here: FAQ Logo

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