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Filtered Access

Click here for a video newscast on X-Stop Filtered Access.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then's Filtered Access is for you or your business!

  • Do you want to be able to say "NO" to certain sites?
  • Do you want to feel comfortable letting your kids surf alone?
  • Does having Internet Access in the office make you wonder?
  • Have you accidentally accessed something you wished you hadn't?
  • Do you not want Internet Access because of the horror stories?
  • Do your computers in public locations have you concerned?
Why porn Blocking (or filtering)?

The Internet…. It is a powerful research tool and essential business link, but it is not without it's own demons. With a small amount of effort (and sometimes by accident) anyone can view highly offensive and inappropriate material from a standard internet connection. If this is a concern for you or a fear that either keeps you from getting access to the Internet or makes you uncomfortable having it in your home or business, then this service is for you.

In order to help you control this unbridled access, you need's Filtered Access via X-Stop, the top rated Internet Access Filtering product on the market today. Using X-Stop's new state-of-the-art R2000 server, we are able to provide over 99% efficiency in the filtering of WWW content, email, FTP, Newsgroups, and other services.

Server-side Technology

Unlike software or services that you have to purchase and install on your computer,'s Filtered Access is controlled on the Server-side (the side of things). This means there are no costly fees for updating your software, there is no software for someone to get around, and you don't have to worry about getting it installed. The Filtered Access service is constantly being updated with the latest library or content, so you can feel safe that new sites are being added every day. There is no extra cost or hidden fees, once you subscribe, the monthly fee is all you have to worry about.

Ordinary filtering misses the mark

If you shop around, you'll find a number of pornography-filtering companies out there. What bands them together is that they all use "filtering" as their solution. Type in "breast" and these programs prevent access to porn related sites. Unfortunately, they also prevent access to sites about "beast cancer" and thousands of other perfectly innocuous sites.

Filtering companies actually visit each new Internet site in person to determine if it's offensive. With thousands of new sites on the Net every day, they have no chance to keep up!

X-Stop: Different...and so much better

X-Stop uses a far better solution-automated, high speed computer arrays (read about our X2 Search Array, the MudCrawler) that analyze 2,767,000 sites PER HOUR using up to 44 pre-set criteria to spot offensive pages.

X-Stop finds more objectionable sites in a day than most filtering companies discover in weeks or months. Even independent observers agree: X-Stop's high tech approach is the only way to keep up with and even stay ahead of the fast proliferating pornographers.

X-Stop at a glance:

  • Includes foul word blocker-no extra charge! - Blocks offensive words in e-mail, word processing on or off the Internet.
  • Hacker resistant! Thousands have tried to hack this program…and failed!

Powerful Control

Content is being filtered once your account is set-up. You request it, we set it up, the next time you access the Internet you are taking advantage of the best Internet Access Filtering available anywhere today. It's really that easy!

Costs Less Than You Might Think

Subscribing to's Filtered Internet Access is as inexpensive as it is simple. Pricing starts at only $21.95 per month for unlimited access. That's only $2.00 per month more than our regular unlimited access account!! And remember, there is nothing to keep updated and no software to buy or install. Everything is done and maintained for you!

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