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Spam Stopper – Eliminating the hassle of Junk E-mail!!!

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As the level of SPAM, or unwanted e-mail has grown over the past several years, many of our customers came to us looking for a solution to eliminate this burden. After nearly a year of research and testing, we partnered with Postini to offer SPAM eliminination tools to our clients. How much do we like Postini? Every one of our corporate and employee e-mail boxes use it to reduce the amount of time our team members use dealing with unwanted e-mail!!

Postini uses a combination of tools including blacklists, language analysis, and traffic pattern analysis to quarantine suspicious e-mail before it reaches your in box while not blocking legitimate e-mails. With an easy to use web based tool, you can adjust your settings and view quarantined messages to ensure that no important messages get lost. At only $2 per box, our Postini Spam Stopper service is a very affordable and effective way to eliminate the hassle of junk e-mail. For more information, see the Postini FAQ or visit their website at This service is available to all of our access and web hosting customers.

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