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SETUP Notes:
  • All of the following data MUST be entered in LOWER CASE letters, and, depending upon your software, some of it may not be required at all during your initial setup.

  • If, while setting up your internet software, it offers you a choice between setting up a NEW or Existing Account, choose existing account if you already contacted the Mid Florida Internet office, and received your USERNAME and PASSWORD

  • Our Internet server will automatically assign you a dynamic IP Address.

Phone Number:
  • The phone number to access the internet through Mid Florida Internet is 369-5590

Domain Name Sever Configurations:
  • Our servers use the default configuration for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. You do not need to change any settings here if you are on a PC.
  • MacIntosh users will need to manually put in the following DNS numbers: Primary DNS, Secondary DNS
Mail Servers:
  • The mail server is a POP3 server.

  • POP3: The address of the POP3 server is:

  • SMTP: Your SMTP mail server name is:

Login and Email:
  • Login: Your login name is your email address - example: ( is the email address, the login name would be

  • Passwords: Your login password to the the server as well as your Email password to the mail server will be the same.

If you continue having problems contact the MFI Tech Support personnel at 369-9900 or email us at


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